Get your GSA off to a good start this year!
Establish Group agreements in a Collaborative Discussion!
Here are some Group agreements we use at IYG to help you think about what you want for your GSA

Data Demonstrating the Need to Support LGBTQ+ Youth More Resources for you and your students   Advice to Keep your GSA Growing 

Help Increase the Peace Workshop

There are still Open Spots!  Register Now!

We are excited to partner with the Peace Learning Center to offer a leadership workshop for our youth leaders and advisers! We will be learning how to facilitate an excellent curriculum that will give you the tools to have deep, rich discussions on difficult topics in a safe space. 


Learn more about how you can support transgender students at your school and what welcoming and respectful policies include.

IYG will be hosting our Annual Halloween Party 
Friday October 28th.

Relieve your senses and indulge yourself in a world of anonymity. Blur all lines, escape from normalcy, and create a space where you can explore freedom behind the comfort of a newer, truer persona. 

Cake the face, express your taste. Its all in the way you encase your space. Construct that mold, mask it well. Serve the platter. Serve your shell.

WHO: For any youth between 12 - 20 years old
WHAT: Music, Dancing, Food, Socializing, Activities, etc 
WHEN: OPEN Friday, October 28, 2016. (3pm-11pm) 
WHERE: Indiana Youth Group Center
WHY: Celebrate our 2016 Masquerade theme Halloween Party