Participate in this Nationwide survey to represent the needs and challenges of LGBTQ+ youth.
Last time, we only had a couple hundred youth from Indiana!  We know there are more of you!  Please take a moment to fill out this survey!

Data Demonstrating the Need to
Support LGBTQ+ Youth
GSAs Unite is an online petition platform designed specifically for GSAs!  Completely free and available for all GSA's across the nation.
More Resources for Administrators, Educators, and Youth Advice to Keep your GSA Growing 

A Time of Change
Things are changing here at IYG.
The biggest change that will impact the Indiana GSA Network is Lane Banister, the Network Coordinator, is leaving for a new Position at the Eskenazi Transgender Health and Wellness Clinic. 
IYG also just hired a new Executive Director, is in between program directors, and have had many other staff changes in the last two months. 

While things are bound to be a little unsettled for the time being, please know IYG is unwavering in its support of the GSA Network.  The INGSA site will continue to be your go to spot for resources.  Please especially note the Guest Speakers List to help you make connections to organizations and people who are willing to visit your GSA directly.

If you need any help or support, please reach out to our Interim Program Director, Jamie Roberts, at

The National GSA Network has hired Frank Chestnut as our new Midwest Regional Coordinator!  We are excited to welcome Frank to the team, and to see how we can grow with a regional coordinator to support our work! 

Title IX Updates and What It Means for You

Calling all Teachers! 
Show your support of your Queer and Trans Students!
They are asking you to #ShowUp4TransYouth

This GLSEN resource has pdfs so you can print your own safe space stickers for free! 

 Print this INGSA Poster for your Classroom!

Advocate for your Trans Students! 


When a Student Comes Out to You as Transgender