Activities and Discussions
Activities and Resources for Youth Leaders and Facilitators 

These activities explore the concept of advocacy, mostly focused around advocating for yourself in a variety of contexts.

    Our identities are very personal subjects, and the relationship between our different identities (intersectionality) affects the way we experience the world daily.  Let's share perspectives while practicing acceptance. 

    Talk about the ways gender affects all our lives, and the nuances that make it such a complicated issue.

    Activities from Black History from 2016 on various topics like Audre Lorde and Islamophobia.
    Safer Sex and Relationships
    How to be safer when getting down, and how to talk to that person before, during, and after in a healthy way!  Sometimes its hard not having a model for the relationships we want to have. 

    Learn about LGBTQ+ people throughout time, and important events in our history. 

    Mental Health
    Our community is at a higher risk of mental illness for a variety of reasons.  How can we take care of ourselves, of each other, and make sense of the struggle.

    Explore the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the media.  Get some great recommendations too!