Gender Issues
Gender is a complicated topic! Both cisgender and transgender people struggle with the gendered expectations of culture. Man, woman, transman, transwoman, non-binary individual, almost everyone struggles with the box they are expected to fit in, and no one fits in perfectly. We are complex things, we humans, with many aspects to us. Here are some activity ideas, discussions, and other resources to help your GSA discuss gender.

The Gender Unicorn 
This Activity introduces the Gender Unicorn as a tool for describing and discussing gender identity. In doing so, it breaks down the difference between gender identity, gender expression, and so on.

Sexism In Music Genres


Gender Neutral Parenting

Gender in Advertisements


 Gender is a Social Construct, So What?

Educational Resources
A quick presentation to describe the Gender Unicorn as a tool to talk about identity.

This student presentation was created by one of the youth at IYG to explain gender and sexuality to their school's health classes!

Some other great infographics from TSER
Stay Tuned for the Following, Coming Soon!  
  • What's The Fuss about Bathrooms?
  • Insults and what they tell us about Society's views of Gender
  • What it looks like to be an Ally to Transgender People
  • Labels, So Many Labels...
  • Talking about Stereotypes
  • How are Gender and Sex related?
  • What is 'Passing Privilege'?