Safer Sex and Relationships

Places to Learn more about Sex 
and the tons of things that go along with it

Sex, etc

By youth for youth.
Go Ask Alice
Seriously, Go ask her anything! Like this girl who wanted to know how to be safe with her first girl friend.  What does safer sex look like between cis girls?
A great site full of information and silliness. I am particularly found of their pro masturbation stance!
Planned Parenthood
A national organization, PP has some great stuff including quizzes and games.  How much do you know about sexual health?
Stay Teen
Full of quizzes and articles that will resonate with your life.  Such as 
"Help! My friends and my ex are still friends...", a common theme in small queer communities.

A great place to learn more about contraceptives and barriers, those things that are best kept bedside.

Places to find Activities/Lesson Plans around Sexual Health
FLASH Lesson Plans
Comprehensive sexual health education curriculum from King County, Washington. Amazing extensive curriculum available on line for free!

Rights, Respect, Responsibility
A K-12 sexuality education curriculum provided free from Advocates for Youth.  Use the search and selection tool to find something you are interested in.
Sex Ed Library
Provided by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States