In your school

A great tool for enacting change is the GLSEN Local School Climate Survey.  You can create a custom survey to measure the level of acceptance in your school, and use that data to start a critical discussion about what is happening and what can get better.

Administrative Resources to take the people in charge.

A great resource to help your school do better with their policies around transgender students is the National Education Associations "Schools in Transition Guide".  Also check out INGSA's break down of the DOE DOJ's rulings on Title X as it applies to transgender students. 

Around Sex Education

Advocates for Youth is a great organization with lots of information about how to advocate for comprehensive sex education.  They have things like Activist Resources, Sample Materials, examples of Youth Activism, and ways to

Stop Sexual Assault in School
Ideas for Projects and Campaigns
  • An open letter, like this one, addresses a person in a public way.  A respectful tone can go a long way here. 
  • A social media campaign with a designated hashtag can bring a lot of visibility to an issue (i.e. #MoreThanVisiblity)

General Activism Resources