Leadership and Development
Starting a GSA can be hard, keeping one going is usually harder.  Students and teachers get busy, and tired, and have lives outside of the club.  This is why good organization is needed, and a system that shares responsibilities and engages all members.  

Discuss with your club, are you a social club, an advocacy group, or a means of support for students?  You might have components of each, but make sure your goals are clear and transparent. 

Use Group Agreements to create a safe space in your GSA.  Group agreements help everyone know what respect looks like in this space.  It's best to review group agreements at every meeting, especially if you have new members joining you! 

The national GSA network is a great resource for many things, including these resources for BUILDing your GSA!

It is very important that GSAs are welcoming to all students, regardless of their sexual orientation, their gender identity, their race, their religion, or anything else.  It is not as simple as just not limiting attendance, it takes some thought and effort to reflect on how others might feel in a space we are comfortable in.  Take some time to read through these resources and consider how your GSA could be more inclusive. 
Local Resources for Youth Leaders and Advisers

Restorative Justice Trainings Through Peace Learning Center
Restorative Justice is an alternative approach to handling conflict and harm withing a community.  Restorative Justice practices can help all sorts of groups work together effectively, build community, and address difficult issues.

Contact Kristina Hulvershorn (kHulvershorn@peacelearningcenter.orgfor information about upcoming trainings.

Popular Opinion Leader Training Through the Damien Center
Learn more about STI's and HIV, and how to spread awareness in your community and promote safer sex practices.  

Contact the Stephen Price (sprice@damien.org) for information about upcoming trainings.