Guest Speakers
This list of intends to help GSA leaders make connections with local organizations and people who are willing to visit GSA's for talks, discussions, or activities.
The people on this list have consented to being included, and are willing to discuss details and such with GSA's that reach out. They are all wonderful folks that want to engage with you!

Damien Center

The Damien Center is a local health center focusing on HIV testing, treatment, and education.  Their team would love to visit with you to talk about what they do, HIV prevention, and related topics.

Stephen Price

Kalob Gossett


The ACLU in Indianapolis has a great program called Transgender Edcuation and Advocacy Program (TEAP), and they would love to come talk to you!  They can talk about all sorts of topics relating to transgender people, including legal and political issues, challenges and barriers facing the community, etc.

Kit Malone

Peace Learning Center  

The Peace Learning Center is a wonderful non-profit in Indy that focuses on increasing peace in the community through teaching restorative justice practices and conflict resolution.  Their trainings are very valuable, and their staff are impressive.  

Natalie Spriggs


“MelaNation : our own little world. Community for Queer People of Color in Central Indiana and everywhere”  MelaNation is a wonderful group created by Queer People of Color for Queer People of Color.  If you would like to talk more about how race intersects with the queer community, MelaNation would be excited to talk with you!  

Michelle Jordan

Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance

The Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance (IUYA) is a youth-led organization that seeks to empower young immigrants to achieve higher education and engage in the community to demand more just and humane policies that affect undocumented families.  Members of their team can teach us about the issues affecting undocumented youth, and how GSA’s can support these youth.

Reach the Team at

Tatijana Rebel

Tatjana is a local poet and activist, founder of Vocab, a local monthly spoken word and music event.  She has much to share, including perspectives on Racial Justice, Islamophobia, and local activism.  She would love to come connect with your GSA!

Tatijana Rebel

Elle Roberts

Elle is the founder of SheHive and a local activist, writer, and organizer.  Elle is a great facilitator in leading discussions on a variety of subjects including Self Care, advocacy, racial justice and gender equality.  Elle is excited to talk to GSA’s and have great discussions with youth!

Elle Roberts

Indy Pflag

PFlag is a national organization with chapters in many cities in Indiana.  PFlag is a resource and support group for families and parents of LGBTQ+ people. They advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and education the community.  If you are outside of Indianapolis, feel free to contact Indy PFlag for help finding the PFlag chapter closest to you.

Gender Nexus

Gender Nexus is an Central Indiana based organization that supports transgender people of all ages through counseling, support groups, educational workshops and a partnership with the Riley Gender Health Clinic. Gender Nexus is a great resource to learn more about transition related information, especially for youth!

Eskenazi Trans Clinic

The first transgender health clinic in Indiana, the Eskenazi Trans Clinic aims to provide a full range of transition related health care and primary care.  The team include primary care doctors, vocal pathologists, and a surgeon. For a professional perspective on health care issues in the transgender community, contact the clinic!

Lane Banister, Patient Care Coordinator

Riley Gender Health Clinic

The gender health clinic at Riley Children’s hospital works to provide health care to young transgender and gender non-conforming people.  Children as young as toddlers through teenagers are seen and the doctor’s support the youth through the appropriate steps in their transition.  To learn more about medical care for young trans people, contact Riley’s Gender Health Clinic.

Dr. Fortenberry


Outcare Health an LGBTQ organization that provides education and a list of LGBTQ friendly providers and resources for patients and healthcare providers.  They are another great resource for information about LGBTQ+ healthcare, the barriers LGBTQ+ people face, and the ways things are moving forward.


Indiana Trafficking Victims Assistance Program (ITVAP)
ITVAP works to support victims and raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking.  Human trafficking happens in the US as well as across the world, and affects teens and young adults disproportionately.  Learn more about this important issue, red flags to help you know when something isn't right, and supports for victims of human trafficking here in Indiana. 
        Karen Maher