GSA Safety
This is Not a Retreat, This is Not a Defeat

Since the Election, many around the nation have expressed concerns around safety and harassment in schools. 
The National GSA Network has created a resource with advice for how to handle your GSA's safety.
  • Know your school’s reporting process for incidents of harassment 
  • Refresh your GSA on your community agreements (including the “Vegas Rule" - what's said here, stays here and what's learned here, leaves here). 
  • Build a network of safety & solidarity by coalition building with other school clubs and groups such as BSAs, Muslim Students Association, Social Justice Club, etc. 
  • Encourage your GSA members to identify their support network: Who can they text if they are feeling down? Who can they call for a safe ride somewhere? Is there an ally they’ve identified as a bathroom safety buddy? 
  • Create an alert system to notify each other of your location and be familiar with each other’s schedules, so you will know if someone did not show up when they are supposed to 
  • Arrange safe transportation to/from events or meetings Safety apps 
  • Work with your GSA Adviser to identify supportive adults in your schools you can go to.