Registering Your GSA
Registering your GSA for the 2016- 2017 School Year
Second: Ask your GSA what they think about being included in the Indiana GSA Directory.

What does it mean to register your GSA?

Registering your GSA with the Indiana GSA Network connects you with other GSA's across the state!  It does not mean you have to follow regulations, pay dues, or participate in things.  But you will be kept informed of new activities, invited to events, and offered development for your youth leaders and members.  Your club does not need to be named "GSA" to be a part of the network, as long as the club is an lgbt student club. 

We will:
  • Keep you Updated on Network Developments
  • Invite You to Events Across the State
  • Connect You to Other GSA's in Your Area and Across the State
  • Provide You with Resources and Activities for your GSA

What information about our GSA will be shared on the website?

That's up to you!  If you register your GSA, the only information that will automatically be listed on the website is the name of your school, and a dot on our map.  

Listing Contact Information on this website is completely optional.  If you would like to list your adviser's email, your GSA's website, or other information, you can do that by submitting a listing to our Directory.
Do we have to register our GSA?
Nope!  We have no intention of making anyone do anything. We are here for support though, and I can't think of a reason you wouldn't want to be part of the extended family! 

When you register, the National GSA Network will send you a hard copy of our Year Start Packet, GSA Advisory Handbook and 10 #GSAs4Justice stickers for your members!  

Also it is very helpful for us as an organization to know how many GSA's are in Indiana. It helps us apply for grants and other funding, which we then spend on events for you!