Transgender Day of Remembrance and Transgender Awareness Week
November 14th - 20th, Trans Day of Remembrance: November 20th, 2016

Inaugural GSA Day for Gender Justice
November 18, 2016

Join GSA Network and TRUTH as we kick off a weekend of trans visibility, solidarity, and remembrance with the inaugural GSA Day for Gender Justice on Friday, November 18, 2016. We’ll be posting more resources in the coming days featuring suggested actions you and your GSA can take to celebrate the day including a teach-in curriculum and a social media campaign

Here is a Cool Poster you can download and spread around school!

Update!  11/16/16

Friday is #GSADay4GJ, and one way for trans/GNC youth to get involved is to share a selfie using #MyTransBodyIs. Watch this video to learn about the Trans Youth - Truth Project selfie campaign and how you can join in tomorrow:


Resources From Frameline Voices

TDOR and Transgender Awareness Week

Transgender Awareness Week spans November 14-20, with the final day being Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). Transgender Awareness Week is a time when trans people and their allies organize to battle anti-trans fear, bigotry, and hatred within their communities. Transgender Day of Remembrance allows folks time to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice
We've assembled some resources to help your GSA plan for these events. Additionally, you can connect with other participants and organizers using the hashtags #TransWk and #TDOR on social media. 

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 Trans Life & Liberation Art Series
Transgender Awareness Week Nov 14-20
GLSEN provides data and articles to help you learn more about the issues and gives ideas on how to take action. Learn more » 

GLAAD gives transgender people the mic so they can speak for themselves. Watch video » 

TSER trains teachers and provides leadership training for trans youth. Learn more » 
Artwork is part of
 Trans Life & Liberation Art Series
Transgender Day of Remembrance Nov 20 tells us where/when/why Transgender Day of Remembrance began, and memorializes trans people across the globe who have lost their lives. Read more » 

GSA Network provides a step by step guide for GSAs on how to plan a successful and meaningful TDOR event. Read more » 

GLAAD offers more TDOR resources, as well as reports on transgender representation in the media. Read more »   
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Trans Life & Liberation & Art Series
Actions For the Rest of the Year 
Autostraddle contributing author Lexi Adsit details 24 Actions You NEED to Take to Help Trans Women of Color Survive. Read more »  

Gender Spectrum provides year round support to help create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for trans youth and teens. Learn more » 

Advocates for Youth outlines ways for adults to be supportive of trans youth. Read more »
Register For Free LGBTQ Films 
Genders & Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) can register to receive our Expanding Gender: Youth Out Front film collection for free through the end of 2016. Make sure your GSA is registered for this collection.  

Our 2016 release Expanding Gender: Youth Out Front explores the varied identities of trans and gender expansive youth and young adults through four documentaries that allow these brave individuals to share their own stories. This collection comes with a 40 page curriculum, providing students, educators, and parents the tools they need to talk about gender identity.